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Mar. 26th, 2007 06:43 am
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So I woke up today at 6:00 AM to try a regimen of some Wii Boxing. I attempted it last Saturday, and it really did give me quite a work out, so I figured I could try doing it on a daily basis, at least during the week.

Man, the punching bag training game is hard o_o You have about 1 minute to "defeat" as many heavy punching bags as you can; there are 3 styles, each more durable than the last, and thus require more punches to take down. It's not as easy as one would assume, however, since (I assume) due to the way the Wii interprets "punches", some of my swings tend not to register. I guess part of the fun as I keep working this is to figure out what motions exactly will trigger a punch.

Nevertheless, I ended up being sore for around 2 days after my first time with the training program. I'm looking forward to seeing positive results with this thing :D
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In lieu (is that right?) of an 'actual' update, I'll just post about some thoughts going through my head right now. Some are related to what I've been up to since my drunken post, others discuss missives about the future, and some may be philosophical ramblings about the brief-yet-everpresent...er, present. Yes.

- It's amazing how much you realize you missed music-on-the-go when you have access to a PMP (portable music/media player) again. Too much love for ThousandSunny.

- Linux is rather neat. I really want to learn how to work it so that I can do everything - from LiveJournal to Illustrator - in Terminal*

- Pokemon Diamond in 32 days. I'll preorder (just for the stylus :P) after I get paid at the end of the month.

- LITTLE KNOWN FACT! I typoed (typo'd?) "paid" above as "payed" before fixing it. Ugh -_-

- Currently writing a paper, something I haven't done in...well, ever, as it's rather different from the steps I took for my senior thesis. It's coming along alright, but I also have about 3 other duties waiting for me in the lab, one of which I need to attend to early tomorrow (8:45-ish early z_z)

- Wii Sports rawks. I was still sore last night from boxing training for about 25 minutes Saturday morning (I also played with Tennis, Baseball, and Bowling; I'll get to Golf one day >_>)

- Is it July yet? Fie and foo.

- Nintendo, please to be giving us a date for SSBB and MP:Corruption. Oh, and announce Mario Kart Wii already.

- Shelving the moving-to-Cambridgeport idea, since it seems the very notion of a nicely-sized 1 BR costing under 1300/month is laughable. Never fear! We're going to use some money that we've saved up in the coming months to get some goodies from iKea and make our current place a lot more liveable, i.e., not squatted by college kids.

- I ♥ my wife very much :D

- OTHER LITTLE KNOWN FACT! I can't find ♥ in OpenOffice Writer (I had to "steal" the one "above" "from" Wikipedia). If anyone can show me how to make ♥s in OO, I'll give you a graham cracker (crust?) next time we meet.

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