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Hello my faithful viewers! Welcome to the first installment of Simple Meals with Dave (SMwD), wherein I provide easy-to-make recipes that you can try at home! It's so easy, a doctor of Biomedical Engineering can do it!

Today we bring you a simple take on an oldie (is it an oldie? Bah, let history decide that): the breakfast sammich. I'm sure you've encountered many variants in numerous fast-food establishments, but this one might take just a bit less time to receive and enjoy. It's also relatively cheap, as calculations toward the end will show.

Let's get started:

1 egg (large; egg beaters recommended for low cholesterol/trans fats issue)
1 english ('british') muffin (I recommend whole wheat, as they are just as delicious as the white kind)
1 slice swiss or havarti cheese (light is recommended, but I know some people don't like the taste)
1 small serving cream cheese (I'd say 1, 1.5 tsp max; not a whole lot is really needed. I like the soy kind with 'garlic and herb' seasoning, but it can get expensive)
~ tsp of butter (this is for coating the pan for the egg; I say ~tsp because I don't measure it out. Feel free to use whatever it is you use to normally prepare eggs :D)

Nonstick pan
Toaster oven

- Coat the pan with butter, then scramble the egg as you see fit. Plate if the next step isn't finished yet.
- Slice an english muffin in half. Place cheese slice on one half (feel free to cut up cheese to fit the muffin if you so choose). Set in middle rack of toaster oven and toast for five minutes (set both top and bottom heating elements on). Plate when done.
- Add egg to cheese half of muffin
- Lightly coat "free" half of muffin with cream cheese (too much will overpower the other cheese/egg flavor D:)
- Add salt/pepper to taste
- Enjoy!

Possible Updates:
- Baby Spinach (nice texture, flavor, and those ever-so-fleeting veggie nutrients)
- Substitute cheddar cheese for the swiss/havarti (too sharp for my taste, but who knows?)
- Some kind of breakfast meat is possible (bacon, sausage patty)

Cost breakdown (Cambridge WHOLE FOODS Market):
Egg Beaters: ~$1 an egg
Cream Cheese: ~$0.20 at the most
Swiss Cheese: ~$0.50 a slice (VERY conservative)
English Muffin: ~$0.50 each

Total: $2.20

Not too bad; on par with McDonalds and Starbucks.

Anyways, as we say in Cuba, ¬°buen provecho!
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