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So it's 'round 5 AM when I am awoken by the clatter of objects in the dining or living room, and Rydia is making the oddest sound I've ever heard. I bolt up and scan the rooms; my worst fear is that one of the shelves has fallen, sending everything to the floor and, worst yet, hurting the cat. Nope, all 4 shelves are alright so far. I see Rydia on one of the windowsills, still making that weird-ass sound, and move over to see what's wrong with her.

There's another fucking cat outside our apartment.

Now, this guy is just chillin' by the front steps, staring up at Rydia and I with a look of "WTF, mate? ^^ I'm just hangin' here, ain't no thang!" Meanwhile, Rydia is making this deep, glottal and clearly upset sound which seems to be saying "GTFAH (get the fuck atta' hea'), this be my house, bitch," only all she's doing is sitting at the sill, somewhat curled up (Jen later mused that she might be in pounce mode, but I digress). So the odd meowing continues as the other cat strolls off the sidewalk, and once it's on the street, Rydia essentially stops. The cat turns around and looks at us, then crosses over to the cars on the other side, sniffs at them, turns back, etc. It eventually leaves our field of view, and I look at Rydia with an "honestly, cat, chill" sort of look. I eventually get back to a little sleep, but not much.

I guess the clattering was Rydia scrambling from one of the windows in the living room to the other, making a racket as she usually does when she spazzes out in the middle of the night. So far, the intruder has not returned, but I plan to document everything that happens if it ever decides to grace us with its presence again.

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