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Masterpiece Starscream (US edition) in all his asshole-like glory :D (click the link to see more) Thank you again, Jen. I love you very much <3


Sep. 5th, 2006 05:29 pm
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First, some pics of Masterpiece Starscream. I want, but it'll have to wait until next year when I have some money lying around :P

Secondly, artists' renderings of Optimus Prime for the movie due out 7.4.07. While it's not the original version by a long shot, there are some similarities, and for what it is, I think it looks awesome. Of course, with all the whiners bitching about the movie, you'd think Michael Bay had gone back in time and punched all of them while they were watching the cartoon. I've officially extracted myself from the group that calls itself "Transformers fans", and will just continue liking this series in my own fashion.
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AccuWeather is reporting 102 high in Allston for Wednesday o_o Though is reporting 97, I'm still shocked, shocked! Well, not THAT shocked, but still surprised. Good thing I like wearing shorts.

In other news, Jen got me New Super Mario Bros on Thursday. I beat it completely by Sunday, and I cannot recommend this game any more highly. 9/10 for the ease of some of the bosses, but there are a few tricky jumps and dangerous levels to manuver if, like me, you want to try and collect everything visible in the game. This game is for any Mario or platforming fan; it does not disappoint, and is in many ways better than the recent 3-D games that have come out for the N64 and the GC. Pick it up, unless you're one of those evil people who hates good things like Mario and kittens. Then you can just go to hell, you kitten-hater.

Oh yeah, and scope these out. New-ish images of Masterpiece Starscream, slated for a fall-ish release in Japan. Jesus, it looks so good XD


Jul. 21st, 2006 10:57 am
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Check out the image beneath the cut... )
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It's been about two weeks since my last post, so I've got quite a backlog to go through.

The 7th was my birthday, but Jen and I celebrated on the 6th since that was a Saturday. We went to eat at Fire and Ice, which, it seems, has grown to be one of my favorite restaurants not only in Boston but in the US so far. We then took a nice trip to the Harvard Bookstore and, using a gift card Jen had purchased for me, I picked up a copy of Darwin's On the Origin of Species and Plato's Republic; I'd never read them, but have heard really good things about them, and I was more in the mood for something scientific/socio-economic rather than fiction. Once I'm done with Hitchhiker's, I'll go back and start reading Darwin. Anywho, to round out the day, we went to John Harvard's and got a little tipsy with only a drink each; I with a White Russian, Jen with some kind of wine or champagne (I don't recall the name at the moment). We then came back home and settled in for the night. Sunday was spent doing the usual Sunday routine of laundry and grocery shopping.

This past week I've been working hard trying to get the numbers we need for our paper worked out right. I had to re-do some data calculations, and have been compiling the numbers for a while. There's just one more little mount of analysis left to do before I can run the statistics on all the sites we have, so I'm writing this as MATLAB does its thing and crunches numbers over a few hours. Friday, I actually took the day off to visit my principle investigator at Woods Hole, where the Marine Biological Labs hosts an annual neuroscience study group for graduate students and post-docs who apply and are accepted. The organization holds a few distinct and work-intense courses, intersperced with lectures about faculty members' research interests and progress. I went with two other grad students in our lab to attend one of the lectures, then we had dinner at a pretty nice, rustic restaurant and took a short walk around the small city to take in the ocean view. I left there at around 8, and got back into Boston at around 10:45, owing to the long bus-ride and subsequent train ride.

This Saturday was an errand/shopping day, as Jen and I decided to take advantage of the tax-free weekend. We started out opening a savings account for the money we got from the wedding, then went out to Best Buy so Jen could pick up her box sets of Prétear and Firefly. I picked up a copy of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist #7, and got Jen Prétear #1 (manga). We then took a detour to Toys 'R Us, where I picked up Super Starscream from the Transformers Cybertron line; at a bit over a foot high, he's fairly impressive, and transforms quite well. I'll take pictures of him later, and possibly use his crowned image as an avatar down the road. Following that, we headed over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up new towel and hand-towel racks for the bathroom. Unfortunately, I didn't take into account that the door swings too close to the doorframe, impeding the placement of the towel-racks, so we'll have to take them back and exchange them for some smaller ones.

Today, I tested out Remote Desktop from my computer to this lab computer I'm using, and it was going just fine until MATLAB decided it would be a butt and began to hang on me. I had to crash the computer remotely, then head over here and reboot it to start working again. So I'm here, impatient and hungry (forgot lunch), waiting for this set of calculations to finish so that I can get on with my work.

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