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I'm having difficulty which pairing I currently like more:

Usagi/Mamoru (Sailor Moon): probably my first OTP;
Rogue/Gambit (X-Men): I've not read many of the X-Books in a LONG time, but I know these two have had it quite rough over the years, and there's something about that that's endearing, especially since they always end up back in each others' arms.

So, yeah. Mind the random clogging of your f-lists, just thought I'd let my fingers write on their own for a bit ^^;
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I mean, sure, the writing was often valley-girl-ish, and some of the changes were so obvious you didn't even need to know about the original version (c'mon, the girls were "kidnapped" by the Negaverse? And that makes you all emo, Serena?), but damn, the voice acting was pretty good, Zoycite > Zoisite, and "that's so sweet, I'm getting cavities" was the best worst line ever delivered in the history of acting.

It's true that the original is superior in many ways to the dub, but the dub got me into anime in the early 90s, and the way Toonami used to introduce it made it out to be such a big deal.

Yay for nostalgia?

ALSO: I need a Tuxedo Mask UPI like whoa.

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