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When you come into our room and 1. start rubbing/biting at the lamp/lamp table, 2. start meowing at the basement/back stairwell door, and/or 3. start scratching at whatever surface you can find for that purpose, it wakes me up, and seeing as I don't get my full night's sleep, it makes me cranky and mad at you. I tell you to stop with increasing irritation and, unfortunately, an increasing loudness in my voice, which wakes Jen up and gets her cranky and upset, too.

So please, for both of us, could you keep it down? You won't die if you don't eat immediately at 6 AM. Thanks.
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Our cat loves our computers, as Jen may have attested before. She especially loves walking on the keyboards, a possible attempt to interface with the machine and thus get even more attention.

However, just 5 minutes ago, she broke the internet.

I was cutting and pasting a link to a GameFAQs message board when Rydia - as she does every once in a while - jumped onto the bed to get to the window sill. My computer was in the way of her path, though, so rather than walk around it, she walks OVER it, stares at the screen for a sec, then moves off and goes to the sill.

"Warning: Internet Explorer has caused such and such an error, and must be shut down. We apologize for the inconvenience."

That's all I have to say about that : )

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