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Normally I don't do politics here; I like to consider my posts somewhat light-hearted and not very polarizing.

However, I...I had to share this monumental stupid with those of you who follow this blog.

This little ditty comes from the Urban Legends Reference Pages; specifically, their latest entry as of 8/5/08. As are the brunt of their more recent entries, this is very likely an exact reproduction of the contents of one of those oh-so-fun chain letters that get sent around. I'll cut it - and the rant - in case none of you wants to get your blood a-boilin'.

Snip snip for some stupid far-right sentiment -_- )
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I consider myself moderate; those that know me intimately can attest to it, and those that don't know it just have not heard me discuss politics. That's fine, I don't get into them much, because it usually leads to shouting matches which I detest.


I really.


REALLY loathe Mr. Bush right now. Mr. "I know what's good for this country better than the American people." Mr. "Let's drill Alaska and fuck up our oil reserves." Mr. "Let's send more boys to die in a pointless civil war, using up not only American tax dollars, but stripping away funding from 'less important' things like conservation, sex education programs, and oh, that silly little thing called science."

So thanks, Mr. Bush. Your decision to remove funds from things that matter, and pump them into your oil expansion war, have cost my wife the chance to work her dream job. Your decision also impacts everyone else in that lab, as it seems a number of positions there might be threatened. Your decision has made it harder for people to get Postdocs and secure positions in academia because the money just isn't there, and so the competition to get the scraps that the NIH and NSF has left is fiercer than ever before.

Can someone tell me again why he was re-elected a few years back? Even as a Christian he offends me, and I just can't see why anyone but his mother would have picked him for this position.

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