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It saddens me that I'm not as computer savvy as I believed, and that I could pick this stuff up with just minimal instruction >| Nevertheless, I put this out there in the hopes that a Good Samaritan will come to my assistance.

Here's the dealy: I've got a fileserver at home that I'd like to see outside the network. All computers at home are behind a router, so obviously that has to come into play.

Server: Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition, running LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, though I believe for now the "LA" portion is what's important; correct me if I'm wrong)
Router: Westell Versalink, but I have access to forwarding rules on it.

What I'd like to do: be able to see the shared files on the server from outside the network. Now, since I figured port 80 (HTTP) is blocked by Verizon, I opened another port and configured apache appropriately. I can even see that the new port is open on the server (nmap 192.168.x.x -p Y, where Y is the new port), but I still cannot see the server if I type in the router address.

Halp? Thanks a bunch.
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Alright, this is going out to all the computer people in the audience. A two-pronged question, if you will:

1. I want to configure SSH to use port X instead of 22 like normal. I know how to do it on the machines themselves, but what do I need to do with my router? I've read around that there's a way to have the router take everything coming into it from port 22 and pass it to port X on my computers, but the instructions on how to do that are somewhat vague. I've got Ubuntu running on the laptop and Cygwin acting as a *nix emulator on the PC for now.

2. How do I talk to the machines from outside the LAN using SSH? Again, I've seen some vague references to talking to the router itself, but beyond that, how do I get to the individual machines? I've also attempted to ssh into the router's IP but have gotten the "connection refused" warning whenever I do.

Thanks everyone.

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