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MySpace is crapping out YET AGAIN. Guh, why do some of my family and friends insist on using this glitchy POS service to communicate with others -_-

On a lighter note, yay Wii =D I finally beat The Twilight Princess yesterday, along with a hidden, difficult dungeon that, for the most part, is there primarily for bragging rights ^^ I love the system, but I wish I had more money to buy a couple more games that seem interesting (Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Wario Ware, Red Steel, etc.) I'll probably end up saving up for the releases coming this year, including Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Wii code is 8759 3422 0858 5579

In the Lab

Jan. 18th, 2007 05:39 pm
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Got code running in the background, so I figure now is a decent time to update things that have been going on as of late. NOTE: This is primarily focused on stuff that either I or Jen and I have done that she has not chronicled in her own journal.

The return to Boston after the nice Christmas break was bleah, to say the least; I'm sure everyone feels that way after a nice and relaxing time away from the hectic life of professionalism, or at least what passes for that as we get on in our years. I've officially been back in the lab since after the New Year, as this place was a veritable ghost town during the last few days of December. Upon getting back into the swing of things, I was prodded into getting to work on a paper that would consist of only two authors: myself and my advisor. I was giddy to say the least, but I still have a bit of work ahead, including writing most of the content myself (with Kamal's help in writing up the discussion section, as well as with proof-reading), performing a few more experiments to round out my numbers, and the hefty goal of getting a whole bunch of data analysis performed. This involves using data that a colleague has collected, so I'll need to coordinate with him in regards to that aspect of the story. I figure I can get things finished in a few months if I push all the coding and analysis hard; needless to say, I'm entirely psyched about finally having a paper with my name as the first author :)

Home life is going well. Jen and I were going to look for a new crib last weekend, but lack of planning on where/what/when we were exactly looking for, as well as how we were going to go about viewing different units, somewhat stymied that idea. I'd like to do another search perhaps next weekend, as it's expected to snow tomorrow night and I'd rather not needlessly trudge through snow if it can be avoided ^^ Currently we're looking for something in the Cambridge/Porter/Davis area, though if we could find something nice and cheap in the Brookline area, that would be cool, too. However, I'd honestly only move if the place we found was cheaper than what we're paying now, as the hassle of getting things together just to pay $1225 again just wouldn't be worth it. A summer/fall move-in date would be fine; we've already gotten word about renewing our lease, which suggests that landlords are going to start seeking tenants for September shortly.

I've really gotten into my Nintendo DS of late; my last purchase was Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, which I picked up as a gift to myself for passing my prospectus :) Today I used some Best Buy gift cards to get Final Fantasy III, and am going to play it as soon as I get home. We're looking into hopefully getting a Wii sometime this year, but we'll have to see how finances play out for us in the coming months. There still seems to be a shortage of units, but I feel confident that there will be enough in stock come summertime. And no, I don't care about the Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony 'war', so if you're going to orgasm over one particular company, keep it to yourself :P

And that's about all for now.


Keep 7.4.7 free. I'm going to watch the "Transformers" movie when it comes out, and you should, too. Even if you're not a fan, you should watch it; looks like a huge chunk of the fanboys are going to skip out on it because it doesn't look exactly like the show they watched as kids, so it'll be up to the less-militant fans and non-fans to make sure the movie does well. If you're in the Boston area, maybe we can all go together if you're interested.

Oh yeah, and Spiderman 3 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer look good, too. Watch them :P


Nov. 15th, 2006 01:48 pm
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Mario says that people have been lined up at the Best Buy he works at since yesterday, waiting for the PS3 launch on Friday.

Just a heads up for anyone who thought they'd be able to get it any time soon :P
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This looks to be somewhat long and rambly, so if I get enough complaints, I'll make appropriate cuts.


Things have "cooled off" a bit over the last two weeks. The boss and I have decided that it's time for me to work on my prospectus, which means less time doing experiments and much more time working on the actual paper. The current time-frame is to have a draft by mid-October, another draft ready for my Prospectus Committee (4 professors + my advisor who will comment/critique my plan) in early-mid-November, and the actual Prospectus presentation 'round the beginning of December. Right now, I'm hitting a bit of a lull as I try to come up with wording for certain sections that won't come off as too repetitive; after that, I need to dig into some research, and get my data organized to be able to present that properly in the paper, too. Not too worried, though; I'll pull this off, no problems.


I'm still playing FFXI, and I'll probably just do so until I can beat the first storyline of the game; Ideally, I'd like to beat the second and third expansions (the fourth one doesn't have a conclusion yet, as far as I know), but if I can't get them done, no skin off my back. Gone are my desires to be ultimately equipped by the time I reach the maximum level, if I ever manage to make it that far. Honestly, with 3 people I knew really well gone from the game, a few others I've met through it taking a long hiatus and/or quitting entirely, and only 2, maybe 4 people still around that I know well, there's not much incentive for me to continue beyond clearing the stories; leveling up and farming for money and/or equipment takes far too much time right now, time that is going to be an increasingly precious commodity in the next few months. I'll probably cancel my account by the end of the year, if not sooner.

On the new games front, I'm most excited right now for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, rumored to be released in the States sometime Q1 2007. I'm currently going through Pokemon Emerald for the GBA, trying to get as much of its Pokedex filled as possible; I'd like to go to a Toys 'R Us this Saturday, as some of the stores around the nation are giving away "Mew" for the first (and possibly only) time for this generation of games1. Of course, I've also got the Wii to look forward too, but I'll probably rave a bit more about that as its release date approaches.

Real Life:

Not much to report on this front, unfortunately. Most of RL issues have been dealt with appropriately in Jen's journal, so you can read that for the updates on that front. I did realize, however, that I need to get back to exercising and eating better. Today is no good for that, as I need to stay at work a little while and thus won't be able to make it to the gym. I'll go Wednesday, and hopefully I can sneak in a workout Friday night, too.

Reminder to self: Scan in the bill for the wedding photos and send it over to mom and dad. I apologize to everyone (especially Jen) who's had to wait on the albums as a result of this :/

1Random Pokemon Babble: In the US, Mew, as well as Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys, can only be obtained "legitimately" by receiving them through special means; Mew is thusly obtainable by a download offered through this TRU event.  However, Mew is also "hard-coded" in the game, catchable in an area that can only be accessed through an event thus-far unavailable in the US.

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