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AccuWeather is reporting 102 high in Allston for Wednesday o_o Though is reporting 97, I'm still shocked, shocked! Well, not THAT shocked, but still surprised. Good thing I like wearing shorts.

In other news, Jen got me New Super Mario Bros on Thursday. I beat it completely by Sunday, and I cannot recommend this game any more highly. 9/10 for the ease of some of the bosses, but there are a few tricky jumps and dangerous levels to manuver if, like me, you want to try and collect everything visible in the game. This game is for any Mario or platforming fan; it does not disappoint, and is in many ways better than the recent 3-D games that have come out for the N64 and the GC. Pick it up, unless you're one of those evil people who hates good things like Mario and kittens. Then you can just go to hell, you kitten-hater.

Oh yeah, and scope these out. New-ish images of Masterpiece Starscream, slated for a fall-ish release in Japan. Jesus, it looks so good XD
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- So we finally got our Walmart games. Yay! I played a bit of "Brain Age" this morning, and my brain's age is 25. Not bad, but I still want to try and get it even lower. Have already beaten a few Sudoku levels during some dead time.

- I want it to rain again. There's something about the way the sky looks when it's all overcast that really brightens my mood, ironicaly; maybe it's the electricity in the air or something, but I've always loved overcast skies.

- Work's work. My advisor and I hammered out my aims for my prospectus in a bit more detail, and now I have a decent idea about how to manage my time before December, when I have to present the prospectus to my committee.

- I hope I can get to the gym tonight. It's been far too long since I last went, and I know my body's suffering because of it. I also want to try and get into the habit of eating better; I totally fuX0red my resolution to pieces, but it may yet be recoverable to a certain extent.

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