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Mar. 26th, 2007 06:43 am
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So I woke up today at 6:00 AM to try a regimen of some Wii Boxing. I attempted it last Saturday, and it really did give me quite a work out, so I figured I could try doing it on a daily basis, at least during the week.

Man, the punching bag training game is hard o_o You have about 1 minute to "defeat" as many heavy punching bags as you can; there are 3 styles, each more durable than the last, and thus require more punches to take down. It's not as easy as one would assume, however, since (I assume) due to the way the Wii interprets "punches", some of my swings tend not to register. I guess part of the fun as I keep working this is to figure out what motions exactly will trigger a punch.

Nevertheless, I ended up being sore for around 2 days after my first time with the training program. I'm looking forward to seeing positive results with this thing :D
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- So we finally got our Walmart games. Yay! I played a bit of "Brain Age" this morning, and my brain's age is 25. Not bad, but I still want to try and get it even lower. Have already beaten a few Sudoku levels during some dead time.

- I want it to rain again. There's something about the way the sky looks when it's all overcast that really brightens my mood, ironicaly; maybe it's the electricity in the air or something, but I've always loved overcast skies.

- Work's work. My advisor and I hammered out my aims for my prospectus in a bit more detail, and now I have a decent idea about how to manage my time before December, when I have to present the prospectus to my committee.

- I hope I can get to the gym tonight. It's been far too long since I last went, and I know my body's suffering because of it. I also want to try and get into the habit of eating better; I totally fuX0red my resolution to pieces, but it may yet be recoverable to a certain extent.

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