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The story thus far (names removed...just in case):

- LCD TV develops a vertical line of malfunctioning pixels. This sucks mightily D:
- Call store, as the TV brand is considered part of the company and it's within the 1-year manufacturer's warranty
- Store sends out a guy, looks it over, gives us a work order, says a replacement panel should be at our house within 2 weeks (10 business days), and to call if it's not there.
- No part arrives. I neglect to call (this is my bad, I know D:)
- Finally try calling company and guy's cellphone in late January/early February. Hear promises of "looking into it" and/or leave voicemails which are not returned. Rage.
- Am informed by company that the part not only arrived at the company warehouse but is listed as "used"; either its a refurbished piece or it has been used in another installation. Phone reps cannot give me a sure answer D:
- Another in-home service is scheduled. I might have to pay since it's outside of the warranty now, but it's up to the tech's discretion. Yay -_-
- Tech arrives two weeks ago today. Tells Jen that since they messed up, the service is on them. Yay! They'll be getting the part at their warehouses and we should be getting a call when it arrives. Call again in 2 weeks (10 business days) if we do not hear back.
- Sunday, March 8: Call from, presumably, the tech. Asks if we've brought the TV in. Explain that I was unaware that was necessary. Confusion on tech's part, he'll "check and see what's up; the part may be here already." Hurrah again -_-
- Today, March 10: Call tech, who is surprised that I have his number (um...) Now states there's something up with the part; either it's not there, it cannot be processed properly, or something else (Unfortunately I've forgotten exactly what he said). Give him to the end of the day to find out. In the meantime, call BB and make sure we're still under warranty (um, what? We were told it's squared away! RAGE)
- Today, March 10: Call company, explain whole situation. Company says there's something up with the part, and that the receiving department should have sent a memo to the repair department but didn't -_- After checking on it, rep informs me that "there's no ETA on the part." DOT DOT DOT. "Call us in 3-5 business days if you haven't heard back yet."

I'm willing to give them one more shot before looking to see what other courses need to be taken. My concern is that my initial screw-up will absolve them of all this mess AND I might still need to pay for the part that seems nebulous to everyone involved D:

So, yeah. Rage over...for now. Need to look at slides.
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